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What We Do


We provide consultation for change management, culture
management, benefits management, and strategic management. ElKattan Consulting team possesses deep knowledge and experience with local, regional and international presence.


Our Change Management  Certification programs are based on   ElKattan’s Model for Organizational Change Management as well as our newly published change management guide: BRIDGING THE GAP: between strategy development and strategy execution.


We provide different organizational change management training programs, which provide the knowledge base and practices needed to lead all kinds of change initiatives in your organization.

Why Choose Us


Our team possesses deep knowledge and experience with local, regional, and international presence.


Our ElKattan’s Change Management Model was developed from 2012 to 2016 using qualitative and quantitative surveys with more than 150 participants in two different case studies. The research was conducted under the supervision and mentorship of Swiss Management Center University, with support from ITIM International, trading as Hofstede Insights in Finland and the Netherlands.


Our team has worked on many change management and strategic management
engagements, and hence will leverage all previous knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


We possess deep knowledge and experience with a lot of innovative learning methods and approaches.

Our Unique Change
Management Reference

By the end of 2019, ElKattan’s Model for Change Management was published in a book called BRIDGING THE GAP: between strategy development and strategy execution.

This book is about leading organizational change

BRRIDGING THE GAP attempts to examine various change initiatives we encountered, wherein management moved from strategy development to strategy execution without properly embedding the change management component into the equation.

ElKattan's Model for Change Management One of the Most Trusted Change Management Models in Leading Organizational Change Initiatives




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