Change Management Foundation Course

BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Foundation Course

This course is your gateway to the change management world. It gives you the foundational knowledge, skills, and tools you need to drive a successful change initiative. It’s a self-paced video-based course that is designed to strengthen your ability and give you the know-how to lead organizational change using ElKattan’s 5-Theme Model for Change Management through a combination of videos, reading material, quizzes, self-reflection, and skill practice assignments. 

هذه الدورة التدريبية هي بوابتك إلى عالم إدارة التغيير، فهي تزودك بالمعارف الأساسية في مجال إدارة التغيير، بالإضافة إلى إعدادك بالمهارات والأدوات التي تحتاجها لقيادة مبادرة تغيير ناجحة. صُممت الدورة بهدف إصقال قدراتك ومنحك الخبرة الفنية اللازمة كي تستطيع توجيه عملية التغيير المؤسسي باستخدام نموذج القطان لإدارة التغيير. يُقدم محتوى الدورة في فيديوهات في إطار غير تزامني بحيث يناسب وتيرة التعلم الخاصة بك من خلال مجموعة من الفيديوهات والقراءات والاختبارات والتأمل الذاتي والتكليفات المساعدة لك على ممارسة المهارات.

Get Training Only

This Course qualifies you to apply for the Change Management Foundation Certification, The course includes:

115 videos
13 Templates
42 Readings
2 Assignments
10 quizzes
18 Handouts

Get Training & Certification

Upon finalizing the Foundation Course, you apply apply for the Foundation Certification. The certification requires:

Developing a Change Management Project.
Writing a Reflection Paper.
Attending a one-to-one video call with one of our coaches.

For More Information

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Benefits :

Improve your organization’s performance and help achieve your strategic initiatives and objectives.
Realize how our change management fills the gap between strategy development and strategy execution.
Effectively and efficiently lead your new strategic change initiatives.
Reshape your organizational culture to achieve your strategy and realize your organizational vision.
Training Format:

Self-paced video learning


No prerequisite to attend.


7 hours of videos


$99 - 30% off for a limited time

What Does the Course include?

115 videos
42 Readings
10 quizzes
13 Templates
2 Assignments
18 Handouts

By Attending the Course, you Will:

Learn with flexible deadlines

Study the foundational knowledge of change management and its importance with flexible deadlines that suits your own schedule.

Access our change management templates

Get access to the change management templates related to change vision and sponsorship.

Earn a Certificate of Completion

Get your Certificate of Completion for the BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Foundation Course, which is a prerequisite for the Foundation Certification.

Who Should Attend

Learning Objectives

Throughout this course you will learn how to:

Explain what change and change management are and their importance.
Apply ElKattan’s Model for Change Management to lead a successful change initiative.
Assess the current state from the four workstreams’ perspectives of ElKattan’s Model: stakeholder management, culture management, organizational alignment, and communication management.
Strategize your change initiative from the four workstreams’ perspectives.
Identify the tactical activity to achieve the change goals.
Communicate your change initiative with all the stakeholders to get them aware and engaged.
Appraise your change initiative.
Develop your change management plan.