SAP Activity-based Workplace Case Study

ElKattan Consulting joined the open workplace change initiative with both SAP and JLL as the change management consultant. 

SAP had a global change imitative to move from the traditional workplace to an activity-based workplace where places are unassigned and shared between all employees.

ElKattan Consulting started by conducting an assessment of the current state by co-developing a survey to be able to identify the degree of dissatisfaction of the current state and the issues that need to be addressed.

Afterward, ElKattan Consulting worked with the project team from both SAP and JLL to form an ambassadors network along with their roles and responsibilities. We conducted workshops with  to increase their awareness and engagement regarding the new change initiative and discuss get feedback and and new ideas.

Forming the change management ambassadors network

ElKattan Consulting along with SAP project management team formed the change ambassadors and communicated with them  to make sure that they were enthusiastic about the benefits the change and committed to bring more people to support the change. The aim was to let them have a high level of understanding of the initiative and to be aligned at all times, to enable them to convince the remaining stakeholders of the benefits of the change. In addition, they were playing a key role in the development of the scope of the change initiative.

Based on the objectives of the initiative, ElKattan Consulting selected with the SAP and JLL project team the intended change benefits of the new workplace. Afterward, ElKattan Consulting  quantified these change benefits so that the company could monitor and track the realization of the benefits.

Shifting the culture

Working in the new workplace required shift in the employees mindsets and behaviors to overcome the perceived disadvantages such as: lack of privacy, lack of concentration, lack of autonomy, distraction, lack of leadership, etc. Therefore, we identified values, mindsets for the new open space environment. Afterwards, we measured the values and conducted a workshop to define culture strategy and tactics to be able to reshape the culture.

Workplace guidelines and etiquette

Also, as part of our communication activities, we worked with SAP project team to develop the content and design of the Workplace Guidelines and Etiquette as well as the a Welcome Leaflet for the opening day.


Following are the change management activities that we did:

Change management plan

Providing a change plan to effectively communicate and drive successful change by assuring awareness and engagement of the stakeholders. 

Integration with the program plan

Providing a change plan to effectively communicate and drive successful change by assuring awareness and engagement of the stakeholders. 


Continuous update and integration between the change management work with the other project management activities.

Communication and Meetings

Attend and contribute to certain meetings as the change management consultant

Change management assessment

Assess the readiness of the change on the individual level by developing the required surveys.

Communication management

Change management ambassadors network

Culture management

Workplace Guidelines and Welcome Leaflet

Benefits management

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