Frequently Asked Questions

ElKattan Consulting offers two change management training courses that are based on our change management reference: Bridging the Gap, which are:

  1. The Foundation Course (No pre-requisite is required). It is a self-paced course; conducted in 115 videos for a period of seven hours.
  2. The Practitioner Course (The Foundation Certification is a pre-requisite). It is an instructor-led, conducted over three days, 8 hours each.

Each one of these two training courses has its own certification:

  1. The Foundation Certification (The Foundation Training Course is a prerequisite).
  2. The Practitioner Certification (The Practitioner Training Course is a prerequisite).

The Change Management Foundation Course is currently available on Udemy

It will be available on our website ( soon, insha’Allah.


You can apply for the Foundation Certification through this link

but please note that attending the Foundation Course is one of its requirements. 

The Foundation Course is a video based online course. However, the Practitioner Course is an instructor led course.

 BRIDGING THE GAP: Between Strategy Development and Strategy Execution was published in Jan 2020. It is available on Amazon through this link

It costs $99 before discount.

We have two types of change management certifications. The Foundation Certification and the Practitioner Certification: 

  • The Foundation Certification costs $49; however, you pay for the Foundation Course separately.
  • The Practitioner Certification costs $59; however, you pay for the Practitioner Course separately.

The duration of the Foundation Course is seven hours of videos.

Yes, it does. The Foundation Training Course is a pre-requisite for the Foundation Certification.

And its requirements are as follows:

  • Submitting your Certificate of Completion for BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Foundation Course.
  • Developing a Change Management Project.
  • Writing a Reflection Paper.
  • Attending a one-to-one video call with one of our coaches.
  • Q10. What does the Foundation Course include?

    • 115 Videos
    • 42 Readings
    • 19 Handouts
    • 13 Templates
    • 10 Quizzes
    • 2 Assignments
  • Learners who are interested in understanding what change and change management are.
  • Members of the change team in any organization.
  • Senior managers.
  • Change leaders.
  • Project managers.
  • Management consultants.
  • Management instructors.
  • Organizational development managers.

Upon finalizing the foundation training and practicing the learning outcomes, the following benefits can be realized:

  • Improve your organization’s performance and help achieve the strategic initiatives and objectives.
  • Understand how the change management fills the gap between strategy development and strategy execution.
  • Lead effectively and efficiently new strategic change initiatives.
  • Reshape your organizational culture to achieve your strategy and realize your organizational vision.

When you get certified, you will get an access to all the change management templates and earn your Change Management Foundation Certification and Badge that you can share on your social media network.