Training and Certifications

Change Management Trainings and Certifications

Change Management Foundation Course

BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Foundation Course

This course is your gateway to the change management world. It gives you the foundational knowledge, skills, and tools you need to drive a successful change initiative. 

BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Foundation Certification

You will be asked to practice and apply what you have learned in the BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Foundation Course by submitting a project and a reflection paper.

BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Practitioner Course

This course is a deep dive into change management based on ElKattan’s Model. It’s an experiential learning experience that empowers you with the advanced knowledge...

BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Practitioner Certification

The practitioner change management certification is our second certification. This certification assesses your understanding and application for the essential...

Solutions for Organizations


Training & Certification

We provide both self-paced and in-person training and certification programs. Based on the current context and strategy, we can design a customized training programs that fit the needs of the organization and will be the critical enablers for achieving the organizational strategic objectives.

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Business Consultation

Our consultation services cover different business areas including Change Management, Culture Management, Strategic Management, Communication Management, focusing on improving the business practices of the executives and senior management.


Mentoring & Coaching

Our training and/or consultation engagements could be accompanied by mentoring and coaching services during the implementation phase. We possess deep knowledge and experience that will make our coaching services beneficial to the organizations’ needs.