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BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Foundation Certification

This certification requires a prerequisite course, which is the BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Foundation Course, which is available on Udemy.

The Change Management Foundation Certification is our first certification. This certification certifies that have the foundational knowledge  that enables you to understanf how to lead change initiatives. You will be asked to practice and apply what you have learned in the BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Foundation Course by submitting a project and a reflection paper.

You will get access to the change management templates of our model when you register.

Upon successfully submitting the requirements, you will earn your Change Management Foundation Certification as well as your Change Management Foundation Badge that you can share on your social media network.

Price: $49

Price does not not include the training

Certification Requirements

Developing a Change Management Project.
Writing a Reflection Paper.
Attending a one-to-one video call with one of our coaches.


Improve your organization’s performance and help achieve your strategic initiatives and objectives.
Realize how our change management fills the gap between strategy development and strategy execution.
Lead effectively and efficiently your new strategic change initiatives.
Reshape your organizational culture to achieve your strategy and realize your organizational vision.

For More Information

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Program Benefits:

Master Change Management:

Sharpen your knowledge and skills through this interactive training in which you will apply on a real change initiative from your organization and get mentoring from our instructor and your peers

Access our Change Management Assessment Tools:

Get access to some of our change management assessments that will enable you to conduct the required assessment.

Earn a Certificate of completion:

Get your Certificate of Completion for the BRIDGING THE GAP: Change Management Practitioner Course, which is a prerequisite for the Practitioner Certification.

Who Should Attend:

Learning Objectives

Throughout this course you will learn how to:

Apply ElKattan’s Model on a real change initiative.
Use the assessment tools to assess the current state from the stakeholder, culture, organizational alignment, and communication perspectives.
Develop your change management strategy based on the assessment for the different workstreams.
Identify the tactics that will serve your strategy and achieve your goals.
Motivate people in a way that’s empathetic toward the change impact on them.
Lead an effective change team and ambassadors’ team.
Increase the readiness for organizational change.
Realize and sustain your change initiative outcomes and benefits.