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ElKattan’s 5-Theme Model for Leading Strategic Initiatives

A research-based organizational initiative management model

Achieving the objectives of your initiatives and realizing the vision.

Hofstede Multi-Focus Model for Culture Management.

Will help your realize the benefits and embed the change in your culture.

ElKattan ACE Model for Change Managment

Will help you achieve the change objectives on both the organizational and individual levels.

Our Consultation Methodology

Assessment Phase
Understand, assess, and set the objectives

Analyze, diagnose, assess readiness, and define the areas that need to be improved. And finally agree on vision and objectives.


Designing Phase
Designing Phase
Design and plan

Translating objectives into plans and action items. Change management plan will be planned to assure awareness, competence, and  engagement of stakeholders.

Execution Phase
Execution Phase
Implement and handle people side

Start implementing the different plans to achieve the objectives while assuring awareness, competence, and engagement of the stakeholders.

Embed chnage in culture and operations

Reinforce, monitor progress, and coach stakeholders to make sure that the benefits of the initiative are realized and the new change is embedded in culture and operations.

ElKattan’s 5-Theme Model for Initiative Management

ElKattan’s 5-Theme is One of the Most Trusted Models in Leading Strategic Initiatives

Our research-based five-theme change management model was developed under the supervision of the Swiss Management Center University. The culture influence on change was developed in coordination with ITIM International and Hofstede Center

Our Change Management Training Programs

How to sponsor the change
Helps the executives understand their roles in any change, and how to  effectively lead and support the new organizational change initiatives.
How to lead the change
Builds the managers’ competency of initiative and change management for senior and middle manager to effectively lead new organizational programs.
How to get enagged with change
Empowers the frontline employees with the knowledge and tools that will make them engaged and be part of the change.
How to integrate with change management framework
Empower project managers with a change management framework to integrate it with their project management methodology.


What is the ACE tool?
We have our own in-house project management process, do we still have to introduce the change management model to the team?
What will be the success rate for a transformational change initiative? We are worried as the international rate is very low
What kind of documentation are needed to be delivered to you before starting applying your change management process to our current projects?
Will we have all change management templates and tools by only attending the training with your company?

The RCR Phases of the 5-Theme Model


The model has three phases: Readiness phase, Changing phase, and Reinforcement phase (RCR), which can be adapted for any project.

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