The Communication Management Work Streams

The communication management work streams is one of the four change management work streams included in the 5-Theme Model. This work stream has its own components from the different themes of the model.

The communication management work stream ensures that the both stakeholders’ “head” and “heart” are addressed to increase the awareness, engagement, and willingness to change and support to achieve the change goals.

The process of managing the communication management is as follows:

Note. This article is extracted and summarized from our newly published organizational change management guide: BRIDGING THE GAP between strategy development and strategy execution.

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ElKattan’s academic and professional background as a manager, consultant, trainer, and teacher spans a period of over 30-years. Recently, he served as an Assistant Professor of Practice and the Director of Graduate Studies and Director of the MBA Program at Nile University. He teaches at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and has taught the following courses: change management, entrepreneurship, culture management, organizational behavior, strategic management, project management, and operations management.

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