ElKattan’s 5-Theme Model for Organizational Change Managment

From 2012 to 2016, qualitative research was conducted on the 5-Theme Model under the supervision and mentorship of Swiss Management Center University, with support from ITIM International, trading as Hofstede Insights in Finland and the Netherlands.  

After the model’s research and development was concluded, it was introduced in my doctoral dissertation in 2016. In 2017, the 5-Theme Model was published in a paper in the Arabian Journal of Business and Management

Review under the title: The Five Themes of Change Management.

After nearly three years of writing, editing, and review, the most recent version of the model is published in this book.

The 5-Theme Model was designed to provide practical tools to
manage both the organizational and individual aspects of any change.

The below provides the objective of each of the five themes.

Vision and Sponsorship Theme

The objective of this theme is to understand the problem, scope, and impact of the change, identify how the world will be different after the change has been implemented, and setting the right change sponsorship governance.

Strategizing Theme

The objective of this theme is to formulate the stakeholder engagement strategy, culture strategy, organizational alignment strategy, and communication strategy

Assessment Theme

The objective of this theme is to assess the stakeholders, culture, organizational alignment, and communication inside the organization to enable the appropriate change strategy and tactics to be developed

Tactics Theme

The objective of this theme is to identify the tactics, based on the change strategy and assessment, that will help achieve the readiness and engagement on both the individual and organizational levels

Planning and Appraising Theme

The objective of planning and appraising theme is to consolidate the tactics and plans of the all work streams to develop the change management plan and finalize the Go/No-go decision.

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ElKattan’s academic and professional background as a manager, consultant, trainer, and teacher spans a period of over 30-years. Recently, he served as an Assistant Professor of Practice and the Director of Graduate Studies and Director of the MBA Program at Nile University. He teaches at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and has taught the following courses: change management, entrepreneurship, culture management, organizational behavior, strategic management, project management, and operations management.

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