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The 5-Theme Model Change Management Certification Program is based on the organizational change management guide, BRIDGING THE GAP: between strategy development & strategy execution, written by Dr. Ali ElKattan. We’ve 5 certifications for change management can be taken online, in-person, or asynchronous.

The certifications will provide the knowledge base of theory and practices needed to lead the kinds of change you seek to have in your organization.

Change Management Leader Full Certification

The Change Management Leader (Full Certification) introduces the 5-theme model, real applications and practices which will strengthen your ability to lead organizational change through a combination of 4 certifications that address different change management workstreams.

To get the certificate you need to finish the following:

This certification adapts HOFSTEDE’S model for national and organizational cultures, we also adapt ELKATTAN’s 5-THEME model for organizational change to develop leaders who will have a positive, deep, and long-lasting impact on organizations and communities.

Targeted Participants: Executives and Senior Managers