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Linking Project Management with Change Management

Program Description

This one-day Change Management course enables project managers to integrate change management framework into their project management methodology to effectively lead the projects and assure achieving the objectives.

Program Description

Main Goal

Learn how to integrate the change management methodology, processes, and tools into any project management methodology.

Benefits to the learners

  • Ability to apply change management framework in project management methodology.

Program Edge

  1. Learning activities;
  2. Group works; and
  3. Reflection on real projects;

Who should attend?

Program and project managers. 

Attending the Managers CM training is a prerequisite.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this 5-day program, learners will be able to:
  1. Integrate project management plan that is taken change management into consideration
  2. Embed the change management plans into the project management plan

Program Outline – One Days  

Change management plans: 90 min


– Lecturette: Change management vs project management

– Lecturette: Change management plans

Change Agile planning: 90 min

the-5-themes– Discussion: Integrating CM plan into PM master plan.

– Group work: Embed change Agile planning into the project master plan

The Big Picture: 90 min


– Understanding the big picture

– Group work: Developing complete methodology

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