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Realizing the Vision

Leading Strategic Initiatives in Your Organizations

Program Description

This five-day advanced change management program5-themes builds the manager’s competency of change management to lead new organizational programs. The program provides the skills to address barriers to change and proactively lead the teams to the future desired state.

Main Goal

Learn and apply the most important change components within a change management framework.

Benefits to the learners

  • Improving the organization’s performance and help achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

Program Edge

  1. Real case studies;
  2. Reflection on real projects;
  3. Hands-on application,
  4. Assessment tools; and
  5. Based on academic research.

Who should attend?

Senior and middle managers with at least five years in a managerial role.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this 5-day program, Managers will be able to:
  1. Recognize the impact of applying change practices on organizational programs and projects;
  2. Recognize the importance of change methodology while leading new initiatives;
  3. Set the vision of any new organizational initiative and link it to corporate strategy;
  4. Understand the components of the strategic management and how to cascade them to implementation;
  5. Understand how to form the change team along with their governance model and structure;
  6. Understand the role of sponsors in the implementation of the strategic initiatives;
  7. Apply the ACE change assessment tool to assess the change competence to efficiently sponsor and lead the projects;
  8. Apply different assessment tools to assess the different aspects and readiness of real projects;
  9. Understand how to formulate tactics for strategic initiatives;
  10. Examine the impact of employee resistance on work progress;
  11. Identify the resistance drivers;
  12. Describe the resistance states;
  13. Use the ACE Assessment to identify resistance; and
  14. Apply different preventive and intervention tools to mitigate and manage resistance 

Program Outline – Five Days

Change Impact (The Big Seven): 90 min

5-themes–  Critical Change Management Components

– The Big Seven

– Change Categories

– Change Programs Success Rate


ElKattan 5-Theme Change Management Model: 120 min
the-5-themes– ElKattan Research

– Initiative selection 

– Change phases

– Applying the Big 7 


Introduction to Strategic Management: 120 min

iol-building– Case Study – Global Trans

– Hands-on Strategy Formulation


Strategic Management Components: 120 min


– Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

– Linking Initiatives to Strategy




Initiative Vision Map: 90 min

_28a5089– Components of the Vision Map



Developing the Vision Map: 150 min

ace-cycle– Developing a Real Vision Map

– Presenting the Vision Map





Sponsorship Concepts: 90 min

sponsors-resp– Sponsorship Definition

– Intuition vs. Practical Tools

– Sponsorship Concepts

– IOL Crisis Case Study


<”h5″ class=" ">

readiness– Sponsors Mistakes

– Introduction to ACE Change Assessment Tool

– Structure of the Change Governance

– Identifying the initiative stakeholders


Forming the Sponsorship Plan and Governance Model: 90 min

objectives– Sponsorship Responsibilities

– Sponsorship Plan

– Setting the Governance Model



Assessing Change Readiness: 90 min

change-route– Readiness Assessment Categories

– Identify Readiness Issue



Tactics Formulation: 90 min

ace-structure– Formulate Change Tactics

– Tactics Presentation



What is Resistance in Management?: 90 min

coaching– Resistance Definition

– Resistance Impact




Resistance Drivers: 60 min

influence-of-nc– ACE and Resistance Drivers



Resistance States: 30 min


– The Four Resistance States




Identifying Resistance: 90 min

the-big-picture– Introduction to Resistance Assessment

– Using ACE for Resistance Assessment



Managing Resistance – Preventive Tools: 120 min


– Communicating and Understanding Perceptions

– Development Plan (Training and Coaching)

– Motivation and Involvement Plans





Managing Resistance – Intervention Tools: 120 min


– Managing Resistance




Change Charter: 30 min

the-big-picture– Introduction to the Change Charter




Developing the Charter: 120 min


– Developing the Charter for a Real Project



Presenting the Change Charter: 120 min


– Team Presentations




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