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Manage the Resistance in Your Team

Program Description

This two-day Resistance Management Trainingsession-1_title_original-size Program illustrates the preventive and intervention tools that the managers should do to manage the resistance of  his team. The tools and practices are derived from ElKattan’s 5-Theme model for leading change


Main Goal

Learn how to manage resistance on both the team and individual levels.

Benefits to the learners

  • Better team alignment to effectively lead new organizational programs and initiatives.

Program Edge

  1. Real case studies;
  2. Hands-on application on organization’s projects; and
  3. Based on academic research.

Who should attend?

Middle and senior managers with at least five years in a managerial role.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this 5-day program, learners will be able to:
  1. Examine the impact of employee resistance on work progress;
  2. Identify the resistance drivers;
  3. Describe the resistance states;
  4. Use the ACE Assessment to identify the resistance drivers; and
  5. Apply different preventive and intervention tools to mitigate and manage resistance.

Program Outline – Two Days

What is Resistance in Management?: 90 mint

5-themes– Resistance definition

Resistance impact


Real life examples

Resistance Drivers: 90 min
the-5-themesIOL Case Study

ACE Assessment Tool  



Resistance States: 60 min

iol-buildingResistance States

Identifying Resistance: 90 min


Introduction to Resistance Assessment

Using ACE Assessment Tool.




Mitigating Resistance  (Preventive Tools): 120 min


Development Plan

Motivation and Involvement Plans



Managing Resistance (Intervention Tools): 120 min

ace-cycleManaging Resistance (Intervention Tools)


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