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Empower the Strategic Change Initiative

Sponsoring Strategic Initiatives in Your Organization

Program Description

This one-day program helps executives understand theirsession-1_title_original-size role of how to sponsor any change initiative. It will also build their competency of how to set up the governance of any new strategic initiative..

Main Goal

Learn the sponsorship and governance component within a change management model

Benefits to the learners

  • Improving the organization’s performers and help achieve the organization’s objectives.

Program Edge

  1. Real case study;
  2. Reflection on real projects;
  3. Assessment tools; and
  4. Based on academic research.

Who should attend?

Executives and senior managers.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this 5-day program, senior managers will be able to:
  1. Understand how to form the change team along with their governance model and structure;
  2. Understand the role of sponsors in the implementation of the strategic initiatives; and
  3. Apply the ACE change assessment tool to assess the change competence to efficiently sponsor and lead the projects.

Program Outline

Sponsorship Concepts: 120 mint

5-themes– Sponsorship Definition

– Intuition vs. practical tools 

– Case Study: IOL Crisis



Stakeholder Identification and Assessment: 120 min

   –  Sponsors mistakes 

   – Introduction to ACE  Tool

   –  Structure of the change governance 

   –  Reflection on real projects


Forming the sponsorship plan and governance model: 120 min

  – Sponsorship responsibilities

  – Sponsorship plan

  – Setting the Governance Model

  –  Assessing sponsorship



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