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ElKattan Consulting Ltd. is a UK-based firm established by Dr. Ali ElKattan and partners. The company is specialized in initiative management, change management, and culture management training and consultation using its own research-based models and tools. The services are provided globally with a special focus on the Middle East region.

ElKattan's 5-Theme Model for Initiative Management

ElKattan’s 5-Theme model consists of five themes as the following: (1) Strategy theme, (2) Leadership Theme, (3) Knowledge & capabilities theme, (4) Initiative management theme, and (5) Culture theme. Each theme contains a set of related processes and/or tools that should be implemented throughout the course of the change to assure achieving the change on both the organizational and individual level.

The model uses  the ACE Change Management tool to assess realize the barrier to change in every individual.
ElKattan's 5-Theme Model for Initiative Management
ElKattan’s 5-Theme is One of the Most Trusted Models in Leading Strategic Initiatives

Our research-based five-theme change management model was developed under the supervision of the Swiss Management Center University. The culture influence on change was developed in coordination with ITIM International and Hofstede Center

ElKattan’s ACE Model for Change Management

ACE is a reserach-based Change model that stands for Awareness, Competence, and Engagement. It is used to asess its three perpectives to understand the barrier to the change and plan accordingly.

The ACE change model is based on developing the change competence for each individual. The change competence is the mix of the Awareness, Competence, and Engagement that are related to the change.

What is Change?

Change is any initiative, program, or project that has an objective of changing the business practices and requires the employees to do their jobs in a different way. Change management is increasingly becoming an important focus to avoid obstacles to successful and effective change initiatives.

According to Porras and Robertson, change can be described based on two dimensions: (1) level of planning and (2) magnitude of change. By taking the two dimensions (1) level of planning and (2) magnitude of change together, a quadruple structure is constructed with the following four types of change:

  • Continuous development.
  • Evolutionary
  • Radical; and 
  • Revolutionary


What is Change?
What is Change Management?

What is Change Management?

Change management is the application of different knowledge, skills, processes, and tools designed to implement a corporate change and manage the stakeholder’s awareness, competence, and engagement of such a change.

Change management is the combination of different knowledge areas that are combined together to assure delivering the benefits of the project and handling the people side of the change.  Change management is also defined as the process that assures realizing the benefits of the projects form the organizational and individual perspectives.

Projects that deliver business change require change management. Example: change in organizational culture; developing new strategy; merging business units; organizational restructuring, etc.


What is the ACE tool?
We have our own in-house project management process, do we still have to introduce the change management model to the team?
What will be the success rate for a transformational change initiative? We are worried as the international rate is very low
What kind of documentation are needed to be delivered to you before starting applying your change management process to our current projects?
Will we have all change management templates and tools by only attending the training with your company?

The RCR Phases of the 5-Theme Model


The model has three phases: Readiness phase, Changing phase, and Reinforcement phase (RCR), which can be adapted for any project.

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